analisando a série H da sony de câmeras digitais

Esse post aqui não é pra ninguém entender mesmo… só eu! 8) Estou pesquisando alguns aspectos dessas câmeras Sony para ver qual o melhor custo-benefício, tenha um bom zoom e que seja boa em situações de pouca luz. Lembram disso?

Os riscados, é porque de um jeito ou de outro não rolam de comprar…

H2 6.00Mp 12x ISO 80-1000 Shutter 30-1/2000 Aperture 2.8
H3 8.01Mp 10x ISO 100-3200 Shutter 30-1/2000 Aperture 3.5
H5 7.20Mp 12x ISO 80-1000 Shutter 30-1/2000 Aperture 2.8
H9 8.00Mp 15x ISO 80-3200 Shutter 30-1/4000 Aperture 2.7
H10 8.10Mp 10x ISO 100-3200 Shutter 30-1/2000 Aperture 3.5
H50 9.10Mp 15x ISO 80-3200 Shutter 30-1/4000 Aperture 2.7

H2 ISO 100 0.67lux f2.8 25s ISO 400 11lux f2.8 0.5s
H3 ISO 100 0.67lux f3.5 30s ISO 400 11lux f3.5 1.3s
H5 ISO 100 0.67lux f2.8 30s ISO 400 11lux f2.8 1.0s
H9 ISO 100 0.67lux f2.7 30s ISO 400 11lux f2.7 0.6s
H10 ISO 100 0.67lux f3.5 30s ISO 400 11lux f3.5 1.3s (extrapolado da H3)
H50 ISO 100 0.67lux f2.7 30s ISO 400 11lux f2.7 0.6s

H2 R$ 550,00 usada
H3 R$ 700,00
H5 ???
H9 R$ 969,00
H10 R$ 649,00
H50 R$ 850,00


Pro: Con:
  • Quite fast, good shutter response, very good shot to shot speed
  • Image stabilization works well, is a great help with a long zoom lens like the H2’s
  • Better than average color accuracy
  • Very capable movie mode
  • Very fast multi-burst mode, great for analyzing golf/tennis swings
  • LCD is usable in very bright light
  • Very good low-light shooting capabilities
  • Image noise at ISO 200 and below is pretty good
  • Bright AF-assist light
  • Design is chunky but compact, fits the hand well
  • Good battery life
  • Slightly warm skin tones
  • Auto white balance had a hard time with household incandescent lighting
  • Rather contrasty default tone curve
  • High chromatic aberration lens distortion, noticeable in some images at the edges
  • Image noise high at ISO 400 and up; at 800 and 1,000 images are almost unusable
  • Anti-noise processing trades away some subtle subject detail at all ISO levels
  • Smaller 2.0-inch LCD display than preceding model


Pro: Con:
  • 15x Carl Zeiss Lens
  • SteadyShot optical image stabilization
  • Above average Macro quality
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Full complement of manual and auto exposure options
  • Wide range of features
  • Very good performance
  • Automatic Face Detection
  • Dynamic Range Optimization
  • Comes with Lens Hood
  • Fast 1/4,000 sec shutter speed
  • ISO starts at 80
  • Optional HD still and slideshow output
  • Excellent viewfinder accuracy for both the LCD and EVF
  • Though muted, the H9 delivers good color accuracy
  • Included Remote Commander has more power than most remotes
  • Good resolution
  • Aggressive noise reduction turns shadow areas into blurry areas, even at ISO 80
  • Significant chromatic aberration, even at Macro
  • Barrel distortion is significant at 31mm setting
  • Pincushion distortion is also dramatic at 465mm
  • Auto White balance does not compensate for Incandescent lighting well; even incandescent setting is very warm
  • Detail is lost in the shadows
  • High contrast in harsh lighting
  • No control over JPEG compression level
  • No RAW mode
  • No hotshoe
  • Slow flash recycling
  • High image noise at ISO 400 and above
  • ISO 3,200 barely usable even for small prints
  • Control sequences can be confusing to operate
  • Night Shot mode is far from sharp
  • Only minimal dedicated/external controls


Pro: Con:
  • Long zoom with a reasonable wide angle
  • Very good resolution with high-contrast subjects
  • Digital zoom holds detail
  • Remote control included
  • Good macro performance
  • Good color performance
  • Large LCD with clear EVF
  • 9.1 megapixel sensor with Bionz processor
  • Dynamic Range Optimization works well to retain detail in shadows
  • Advanced Sports mode
  • Nightshot mode can see in the dark
  • Excellent slideshow mode easily accessed by a button
  • ISO 800 images make good 5×7-inch prints, ISO 80 images are good up to 11×14 inches, except for softening on the sides
  • Good low light performance
  • Auto flash works well considering the long lens
  • Fast prefocus shutter lag
  • Fast shutter lag at wide angle
  • Good battery life
  • Wheel Dial is difficult to use
  • Soft on the right side of the image
  • Strong chromatic aberration at all focal lengths affects sharpness at outer edges
  • High barrel distortion at wide angle
  • High pincushion distortion at telephoto
  • Noisy images starting at ISO 200
  • Noise suppression softens detail even at the lowest ISO
  • Color fades at ISO 800 and above
  • Auto white balance struggles in incandescent light
  • Poor flash coverage at wide angle
  • Only average shutter lag at telephoto, where it’s more important
  • Internal memory only holds four large/fine images

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